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Playdates are The Wiggle Room are what dreams are made of!

Playdates at The Wiggle Room are what dreams are made of! Not only will your kiddos have a great time with their little friends, but you’ll get some time to yourself, as well. How does actually sitting down, sipping free coffee, and chatting with other ADULTS sound? Pretty good, huh?

We have a wide variety of group activities that are perfect for toddler playdates. Your kids will be entertained while exploring their colorful, new environment and learning to socialize. Plus, as our indoor play center in Crofton, MD was specifically designed for kids five years old and younger, you can relax knowing your little one will be safe, happy and occupied.

Our spacious, 3,800 square foot play space is visible from just about every corner of our building, including our private parents lounge. That means that you can relax and do some socializing of your own knowing that your toddler is never really out of sight. It’s our hope that you can unwind and de-stress a little while you’re here.

If you are looking to meet new friends for your kiddos (and yourself), The Wiggle Room is a safe, parent-centric space where you can schedule toddler playdates and group activities without opening your home to those you don’t truly know yet. It’s also a great place to gather with those you do know and love, such as your go-to Mom Group!


So, grab a few friends (or 10 for an extra $2 off each child’s admission) and schedule your toddler playdates at the Wiggle Room in Crofton, MD today!

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