Field Trip Ideas for Preschoolers

The Wiggle Room in Crofton, Maryland, is proud to provide an indoor play center where children can adventure, explore, and engage in all different types of activities.

We love providing a safe, affordable space for parents to bring their children to play, and we also encourage teachers of preschoolers and toddlers to consider The Wiggle Room as a field trip destination.

If you need a field trip idea for preschool children, a field trip idea for toddlers, or a field trip idea for children under the age of five years old, schedule one with us!

Take advantage of our 3,800 square foot playroom and let your preschoolers burn off some of that endless energy through physical activity. Young children can benefit from physical activity in multiple ways from developing fine motor skills to improving self-esteem. Our soft building blocks and mini jungle gyms can keep children active for hours.

If you’re looking for a field trip that will provide your preschoolers with more structured, educational activities, consider signing up to attend a specific class regarding subjects such as music or art. Our “Slime Time” class can teach preschool children all about science and they’ll love just having fun! Entertaining activities that both educated and captivate young children are a win-win.

If you are a teacher in Crofton, MD, looking for a unique field trip for preschoolers or field trip for toddlers, you’ve found it with The Wiggle Room!

Contact The Wiggle Room today to get started on booking your field trip, we look forward to having you!

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