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We are Mike and Lindsey McEwen and we are dad and mom to four amazing children. As parents, we know what parents like; and, naturally, we know what kids like, too.

Our kids? They want to run and have fun. They want to explore, make new friends, and learn through doing. They want to play pretend, dress up, laugh, be crafty, and be happy.

Us? We want coffee. We want a comfortable chair. We want to be able to see our kids play without following them every step of the way.

We couldn’t find a play place in our area that has the best of both worlds; a place that makes kids AND parents happy and comfortable. So, we took things into our own hands. We took the things our own kids love and combined it with the things we love as parents. From that, The Wiggle Room was born.

We are a state of the art facility that caters to children ages 0 through 5. Our spacious, 3,800 square foot play space is visible from just about every corner of our building, including our parents lounge, where you’ll find free coffee and plush leather lounge chairs. That means that you can relax, caffeinate, and socialize with other parents knowing that your toddler is never out of sight.

We knew from the start that parents need a place like ours and we are so happy to bring this amazing space to our community. We’re keeping kids stimulated, exhausted and engaged one play at a time.

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