Wiggle Rules

Here at The Wiggle Room, we’ve got some rules for you to follow so everyone has a fun, safe and clean experience!

The Wiggle Room's Mascot, Gary The Octopus
  • Socks must be worn by parents at all times. Socks will be available for purchase for $2 at the front desk.
  • You can bring in food and drink. We do have a party room in the back with tables and chairs. There is also a fridge back there so you can keep things cool if you’d like. While we allow food in the facility, food is NOT allowed on the playroom floor. Parents can have their coffee so long they are holding it and it’s capped, but if you are doing snacks or drinks for your child it MUST be in the back party room.
  • Please do not bring sick kids into The Wiggle Room. We try to keep the play area as germ free as possible.
  • Caregivers must stay at The Wiggle Room AT ALL TIMES. While our Wiggle Coaches will be there to referee and make sure your kids are having a blast playing and creating, the caregivers are still fully responsible for their children. That being said, our parents lounge is conveniently located with full line of site to the main play area, so you’re still able to relax while keeping an eye on them.
  • The age limit for The Wiggle Room is 0-5 years old. Older siblings ages 6-11 are not allowed on the play floor, they are however allowed to hang out in the party room. They are not allowed to hang out in the parents lounge or any other place other than the party room. Siblings aged 12 and up can assist with their younger siblings on the play floor. Older siblings are not allowed to play on the main structure or independently with the arts and crafts.
  • If there are more than 2 non paying entrants per family, there will be a $5 charge for each addition person. For example, If mom and dad come with their two children and they bring Grandma and Grandad. That is 4 total non paying entrants and they would then be assessed a $10 charge for the 2 additional adults. During peak times and at The Wiggle Rooms sole discretion, only 2 non paying entrants are allowed. You cannot add more. No Exceptions.
  • Feel free to bring in food and drink. We have a fridge in our party room that can keep things cool until you are ready to eat.
  • There will be absolutely no rough play allowed at The Wiggle Room. In order to keep our little Wigglers safe, we ask that if you see your child rough housing or trying to play with someone that doesn’t want to play, please step in.
  • You are not required to clean up after your children when they play with toys, that what we’re here for!
  • SHARING IS CARING. Please remind little ones that the toys are for everyone. If you see your child taking toys from others or otherwise hogging many different toys, please remind them that others would like to play too.
  • While visiting The Wiggle Room, you will be required to have an up-to date waiver signed. The Wiggle Room will not be held liable for injuries sustained at The Wiggle Room
  • There are sanitation stations EVERYWHERE for your convenience. Please feel free to use them as often as you like. They are the good kind with the lotion in them so your hands will never get dry or cracked.
  • To cancel a Membership you must submit it in writing to [email protected]. With your name and email.
  • Last but not least, HAVE FUN!

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