Meet Gary

Owners Mike and Lindsay McEwen with Gary, the Mascot

I used to live in the ocean with my family. My brothers, and I would sit around our big shell pile and listen to my parents tell stories of their travels. You see, before we were born, my mom and dad travelled the world to see all sorts of sites and bodies of water. Their favorite one, the one they talk about the most, is the Chesapeake Bay.

So when I finished school and had a chance to start travelling on my own, I made stops at all the places they told us about. I saw the Great Lakes and the Mississippi River. I made it to the San Francisco Bay and the Yellowstone River. And yes, I even travelled to the Chesapeake Bay!

My parents were right. I loved the Chesapeake Bay. When it came time for me to move out on my own, I knew right where I would live: Crofton, MD, right outside of Annapolis and right near the Chesapeake Bay.

So here I am. I’ve lived here for many years now and still love it as much as ever. Watching the sailboats in the Bay and feeding the ducks at City Dock in Downtown Annapolis are two of my favorite things to do here. It makes me feel close to my parents to be near the water.

Being near the Maryland State House is so cool, too. I love learning the history of this amazing city. Oh! And how could I forget to mention the US Naval Academy and Navy Stadium? Have you seen that Blue Angels plane?! I wish I could fly in it!

I am very lucky to get to live where I live and to be part of the Wiggle Room family. Getting to meet new people all the time and playing with their cool toys makes me so happy! I can’t imagine my life being any better than it is and am so glad that my parents told me about this amazing place so long ago!

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